Day Six 

as it became light i noticed the change, the earth has become small and NY is the only left town, the rest has become a new dimension, it really felt good, now i know that the jews made it like that, i still needed a drink, in front of the chirch were a truck...

Night Five

She was on timessquare in front of the masses, holding a baby, which was me, i left Her walkin on... I was  dressed with a cowl and put it on and of according the operation rythm  of the frequency machine, i wanted to get something to drink but i couldn't f...

Day Five

I was in 4D, i was big, the aliens showed me the U.S. military arsenal from above, the view in 4D got more and more clear, i was blessed by the power, i could model a planet, cat called and said he got it, and i wanted to make a radical start, i made a big ba...

Night four

I didn't know about ascension i didn't know about the frequency fence, didn't know about chakras and didn't know about the real grey agenda, that's why the aliens kept manipulating me like a child, magic in the jungle, at times square it was the purist illu...

Day Four

i got in contact with illuminati again, told them that i'm the gouvenour, went through central park, made a movie with the squirrels, i felt the soul of new york, and now germany called, "ficken", i walked on, asked them why they don't build modern like dubay...

Day Three

i didn't noticed it but i was whatched by the centaurians as well as the illuminatie, slowly i got into the matrix and they needed me, they were looking for an 4th dimensional leader who imprisons the souls and leads them towards unity, it was our shopping d...

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