people believing in conspiracy theories are insecure and don't have anything else to believe in. They project all their fear and lack of self responsability into an image of a fictional enemy, blaming it as the reason for their self build misery. Don't think i am prejeduced, i myself was once believing in a conspiracy, looking for truth, and know that it is an understandable reaction. But nowadays i do take responsability for my own situation, and that goes back to the point of my birth. If you are in a mindset which conspiracy theories popularity depend on, you basically believe in anything that blames an "evil force" and presents a "reason" for the negativity of the world. No one can get

Spiritual Guide

After all this adversary, during fighting against myself, because i didn't want to be ill and labeled as such, i found help in the teachings of Dr. Daniel Amen. I also found evidence that the so called illness is based on problems in the interdimensional spectrum of my personal hologram from the MCEO Freedom Teachings. So as my life in my late adolescence was boring and i was seeking for thrill i collected attachments in my fields from extraterrestials and also other human beeings, especially from the surrounding of the local shadow government. Because they fight interdimensionally with symbols and projections i was bombarded with unpleasent images what was making my situation worse and the

Self Diagnosis (Path Towards Freedom)

Hello Dears, i'm going to state here the phenomenon and the experience of my "psychical illnes", as diagnosed as paranoid compulsive schizoaffective disorder. This term alone makes me want to burst out into laughter and doupt the health of the so called mental health clinical professionals. So in all these years of taking medecine and talking to these doctors i asked myself what is wrong with me and what could i do about it. First of all i made an important step, i accepted the diagnosis, altough i always knew it was just one half of the truth. Let's begin by looking at some of the symptoms which i did reveal. First of all: compulsiveness. I was stuck in repeating thought patterns and hardl

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