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Flash into Denver Airport

Day Four: ...

Entered subway, direction times square, beautiful lady sitting sideways, but no talk just looking, she left at timessquare I followed her, wanted to make love, she talked to police then she was gone , I moved on, heard that she was waiting on porth authority, it still was alien alarm, people looked at me, seeing a monster, it was hectic, but no calls anymore, later I missed my subway, came out of the ground, and there it was, the street has changed the air fellt brand new, as if the aliens had used a room weapon to change the whole town, I lost my orientation but walked, I took the next subway to harlem, I saw this beautiful young girl and I knew we had seen us before, I couldn’t stand the situation and left the train, I thought the aliens would change the town, the trains didn’t go the way they usually go they changed the lines every station, wanted to the airport, at the station I saw how it worked, a jew took holographic pictures, he snaped when I mentioned revolution, I again thought it was over, I was convinced they flipped the whole town mirrowed it so the nourth sout axis was now east west, on the roof was a line of bulbs heard them whisper above, but they didn’t flash me, simply entered the next train, became a horrortrip, I didn’t realized it was an organized scene, a burglar came in the wagon, everybody gave some money and said something about the alienweapon, the last man gave her a big bundle, she said he could now marry me, it was the a-train to lefferts boulevard, I thought they would change the station of the line and my train would go nowhere, finally we arrived, I didn’t know where I was, didn’t know where I left but I got into supermarket and my card worked again, on the street I entered a taxy, I told him to the airport, it was a loungy ride, drove me to jameica as we crossed the underpass, there was an explosion the block was burning, he threw me out I landed in hostile land, I got into the next bus, asked the pastor for help, no reply, It was a crazy night, three taxi rides later, I landed at the hostel, black cat didn’t want to help me, so I left to the next hostel,they wanted me to stay, but I left, hadn’t slept three days, I felt the street, I felt the roaring of the motortrucks, I was spirit, I moved into midtown, I was directed by the traffic lights, but I was tired, layed on the street, the church grabbed me, pulled me up, I moved on, decided it was my last day, everybody felt it, I felt being director of the traffic lights, go and stop, green and red, good and bad thoughts, I directed the ufo out of sight, I looked for a bank and I walked into chase near Madison square, I sat down waiting on my money, I talked to the confused colleges wireless, one banker left saying they come down, finally they got a bag but I was confused by the man calling and left without money, now they wanted to make a deal with me, outside was a truck, inside of it was somebody forming aliens together with me, they all became ugly, but the sold them for ova millions, I walked to Madison square park and begged for french food, M.I.A. followed me lighting up a candle, Columbia called they wanted me to eat Chinese food, TV brought a discovery about poisoned Chinese food, I walked again, big bong out of van, convoy heading south, wanted to fly to Italy, got a pizza for free, wanted to take a ride in an open van, Chinese girl called the police, now I was finished, I made the alien fall, was brought into hospital, she wanted to shoot me, now I placed a lion over Brooklyn bridge, I wanted to play a beat, now my cardio signal made a beat, finally there came a flash over denver airport, jameica revoluted, I kicked the police, now they placed a needle into my head, late at night I met with obama

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