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Chanel 7 is not Chanel 11

Day One: packed my bags and left the house, got a call, she didnt tell me what was wrong, but afterwords noticed that i forgot my laptop, took a train into Downtown, got a call, made a promise to deliver Them a nightmare, system sucks, walked over the bridge, couldn't enjoy the sunshine, got a call, he wanted to give me a present, into burgerking no internet... on the way to the airport, quite, got a call, advice from an Atlantean, i felt uneasy to say he was right, terminal 3, no flights to B., indiference, headed to midtown, got a call, Mr. Bankfein wanted me to follow, sytem sucks, send me to hongkong and i studie theirs, entered bank, no money but thanks a million, forgot the codes, confused, took a train to queens, got a call, no worries im with her forever, she wanted to leave, they wanted her to go, moved back into midtown, asked for 4 children by a man, got a call, come back for your fans, no need 4 laptop, entered subway, sad melody, terror warning, my luggage was heavy and big, felt guilty, but wanted higher direction airport, brooklyn, had to leave the train, sick among all people, turned around, system sucks, silence on the other end, no need for conversation, had to be undetected, train to midtown, took the backdoor, got a cab, no music, sirens, i was quite, it was better, then there She was calling, i made a promise, broke it less than a year later, She was cool, everybody else pretending to be on chanel 11, She stayed a while, everything was alright, except outside the car, where i was going didn't matter, i felt no speed on the highway, arrived at terminal 1, got a call, Illuminatie sucks, asked lufthansa for flights, should go to singapur airlines, universal flying, didn't know why but my creditcards still wouldn't work without codes, she was calling, i'm ready and need to learn a lesson, i was proud, to terminal 4, got a coke, sat down, She was still there, yes they want to kill me, i wasn't cool, didn't know what to do, but wasn't scared, heard callovers for special passangers to Bogota, Bahrain, Lima, but i didn't understood the names, few passangers filled the hall, singapore airlines had nice stewardess, singing "Whatever you like" by T.I., wondered where i new him from, the terminal closed it's doors, couldn't get out for 10 minutes, security check, got outside, it was cold waited on the subway, She called, She's still in N.Y., she learned me a lesson, towards midtown, the train getting empty, then the gunman appeared, he looked scared, i wasn't scared, he acted hard, i had to leave the train, subway got closed, speakers played "Live your Life" by Rihanna and T.I. , didn't know whether i got followed, then "boom", it came from behind, i was still walking, didn't know where i was, believed i was walking to the bridge, Them called, i should follow Her, i wanted to be a Columbian, jumping from the bridge, ok, i tried to follow Her, Them beeing there, I thought about the system, I thought about a theory and an biological computer, wanted to find the code that changes when it's hacked, sytem sucks, illuminatie wants to make an black whole with Cern, hate, black ideas, i should get shot i took a cap, i went back to the airport, the driver played indian music, cat called, i found friends, She was gone, didnt miss Her, years before i smiled when i heard She was gone, the man didn't want to work with me therefor, was happy to have friends, airport again, terminals closed, Don calling, yeeeeaaaah, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, cat called, Now i Would Die for hear, silence, made my way to Jameica, left my baggage in front of bank, walked, thought, finally, got a call, illuminati needs help, she is involved in teorrist finacing, bomb in front of bank, liason with hip hop gangsters, lost my oriantation, suddenly a car came out of nothing, 2nd shooting attempt, i'm a German, Hudson brothers dead was a deal by Diva, everybody agreed, i could go, peace, took my baggage back, good morning JFK, entered terminal 1, she was there, everybody felt it, i wasn't welcome, "passender find enemies", and the 2. Day showed it

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