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Day Three i didn't noticed it but i was whatched by the centaurians as well as the illuminatie, slowly i got into the matrix and they needed me, they were looking for an 4th dimensional leader who imprisons the souls and leads them towards unity, it was our shopping day, radio played "start from the beginning", remembering the apokalypse, walked to union square, watched the sqirrels, NYU, took the subway over williamsburg bridge, bring back the 80's, real hip hop, back to trump tower, talked to a burglar, the radio played "taking back my love" by enrique and cat, and i cryed, walked again, impressive skyline, impressive feeling but i was sad, i still had so much questions, why it didn't work for me, cat called, the feeling changed, told her that 4D doesn't work for me, she just made it beautiful again, everybody noticed it has changed, one screamed "what a boy", wanted to buy shoes, back at times square, more then 10 police cars, now and then i got calls, back to harlem, they felt the heat, i slowly got in trance, and i was sick, we still went to hooters, the most beatiful spanish girl was our waitress, later i met her in 4D, i felt so tired that i thought i was dead, but i got connection with bruce, they couldn't stand me beeing sad so they wanted to do something for me, asked sarah palin if she believes in change, she said my tongue will be my trap, times square was crowded with people waiting for somebody, i wanted to go to hong kong and make beats, don called " oh no", but i gave a shit and i just made hangcock, everybody followed, problem solved, people were dancing in the subway, they saw me in "the movie", yeah, and i brought back the aliens, there where several flashes and the aliens use their room weapon again, she was still with me and wanted to manage me, "let's do this, let's make movies", but i wanted revolution, and the aliens revealed themselves and showed me some nice alien art, they were upset that i told illuminatie everything that i knew about 12 dimensional universal physics by heim, i was scared of their eyes, they " use me as a safe" and presented me an alien head with progressive look

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