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Night four I didn't know about ascension i didn't know about the frequency fence, didn't know about chakras and didn't know about the real grey agenda, that's why the aliens kept manipulating me like a child, magic in the jungle, at times square it was the purist illuminati spirit, the lights made it so clear that you would think you're in a new universe, but i couldn't stand the contact and wasn't cool, " relax", i told them fucking socialist country everybody's the same, " germany auto", "he's going to be out in less then a week", and i tried to go underground again, in front of the club i got remembered of italy by the harbour and started to cry, Diva called, Diva stayed a while, told me that we don't live, always labeled ma as a reader, know i know she's heavely alien manipulatet, a friend payed all the drinks, he kissed my friends ear, so we left, girls walking with us " it's too russian", cool taxi ride, the friend waited at the hostel, i couldn't sleep

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