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Day Five I was in 4D, i was big, the aliens showed me the U.S. military arsenal from above, the view in 4D got more and more clear, i was blessed by the power, i could model a planet, cat called and said he got it, and i wanted to make a radical start, i made a big bang, a new universe, then i saw how 2 stinger flew over manhatten and hit the world trade, a jew showed up and asked how i became that good, i should follow him to poland, left, right, right, up, down, left... but i still was in, i thought i could merge the third eye with my 3D view, she told me that they gone keep me and i'm gona read forever, problem was i was to big, i got the whole town, and the aliens wanted me to have the whole world, i was complaining about everything and i had help from above, snoop sneaked in and showed me the carribean islands to satisfy me, a producer entered my fields and told them i'm too big, they got upset and started to lift my helping writer mom from me, they pulled her through my nose, next they wanted to pull my dad out, i refused, got out , had to change the hostel, now i was chilled, i noticed that i could create any feeling, i wanted to make the 60's and there it was, i wanted to make iraq, now military called, saw an a- bomb over germany, "we gonna make YOU iraq", we walked through midtown, bruce was with me, told them to open their eyes more to see more light, and then there was this huge big gigantic empire feeling, " jupiter", sean called and wanted to make a beat, i walked on, lebron got the statue of liberty, i got jupiter, back in the hostel it got more crazy, i could speak wireless with my friend, he was angry and asked what i did, germany got back and wanted me to stay with them but i couldn't stop, the aliens showed me another galaxy and planet earth and they locked it with a chain saying a love is better in prison than destroyed, germany wanted me to go in the blue light but i kept exploring my brain, i made new york before 911, i made a plan, i wanted to go to alaska and change the frequency with haarp, i wanted higher, she was still there and brought me together with voyager girl and now they all where in blue, the champion presented me an f1 car, since they wanted me to be engineer, they welcomed me into my new universe, the man, keri, kanye, but i couldn't relax and join them, i have let myself fall but i couldn't go with them, i walked my own path, She showed up, we kissed, She said She could do so much more now, there was an thunderstorm out there, i wondered what the dow jones did, i still wanted to change the NWO, i decided to go out

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