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The Moment

Night Five She was on timessquare in front of the masses, holding a baby, which was me, i left Her walkin on... I was dressed with a cowl and put it on and of according the operation rythm of the frequency machine, i wanted to get something to drink but i couldn't find where i was going, met the spanish waitress agein, should have fun with myself, first i looked for the responsible man, i splittet myself into six and presentet him a contract saying six times, six countries, one town, "rome", now i know that i worked for the zeta draco alliance, back then i was happy to have these friends, i saw the responsible man walking lonely speaking to god, " what have i done", i decided to go to chinatown, be poisened and sleep on madison square, now universal called, they told me everytime they say "jetzt" to let myself fall on the ground, i did it, i saw a star flashing on in the sky, i thought germany has already left earth and is in the aquarius galaxy, the rest of the world is going to live under dictatorship, they told me that i'm a copy and that i've even copied myself, i liked the U.S., people more friendly, but now i realized that the life is artificial, i walked on and lost my orientation, She was standing there in front of the moon, i was hard but She refused, She told me to start, i should do it with the man, but simply couldn't do a beat, just played the wind of " try again",military called "oh no", i wanted to make them meet my grandma wich, the responsible man wanted to meet me on bermuda, he wanted to make a deal , cat was there in a beautiful dress and supposed to marry me, i was walking into a pizza restaurant, i had only euro, first they didn't acept, then they got the order and served me, cat was sitting in front of me talking to burkhard heim, i heard the voice of the alien voager saying "now" and then it changed again, it was like i would breathe the first time, the city was lifted, and i declared the last free night, the last time to enjoy and to think about refusing the future NWO, walking towards time square, i got into the white house and got kicked by Obama, i played basketball with vince and dwayne and did the incredible water dunk, i made a movie wit jet, greetings by tyzka, spinning the galaxy, i was watched , i made their channel to go blank, i wanted them to make a black out, they wanted me to disappear, i found myself beeing a burglar, they told me not to pose, closing my eyes i saw the city from above, a saw how a huge jesus standing in the streets saving the people, in another version i saw j-hov standing over the town, i flew between the blocks, now japan called, they wanted to refuse NWO and join universal spirit olympics, i wasn't finished, i closed the street and declared a french zone, the statue of liberty came there to sink into the ground, i performed martial art and i wanted to give them the present, the soul internet, i designed times square in green and black, a banker called, i broke him, everywhere i went a "polish spring water" truck was standing to poisening my air, the jews wanted to get rid of me with the philladelphia technic, i saw the newsman , it was time for a new day

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