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The Power

Day Four i got in contact with illuminati again, told them that i'm the gouvenour, went through central park, made a movie with the squirrels, i felt the soul of new york, and now germany called, "ficken", i walked on, asked them why they don't build modern like dubay, and i gave the answer myself, illuminati was impressed, got into restaurant, told them about 6D, information organisation quality, " this is my man", saw a superman S, and i looked for Her, went back to harlem, illuminati placed an eye in my head but i didn't followed, wanted to know my DNA, made a ghetto tour, now it got critical , and i welcomed the power, and the power welcomed planet earth ( time to be reborn), i thought they would let the subway drive into hell, " that's the man", we got out and she said i'm gonna have fun, the angels left, but i've learned and i just made it the best way i could, it could've become a hole, we sat down in front of yankee stadium and played biggie's sky is the limit, i thought about germany still beeing nazis, the power wanted to lead me to succes and wanted me to let it go , i still wasn't cool, but it was such a good feeling, bought a bottle "water for the mind", told don that we could've made so good music, now i was fully in contact, biggie was there and i got a collegue giving me smoovenes, i made it like back in the day, " like that, like that", felt brandnew, girl outside singing " happy birthday", again i was reborn, "he's hot", but i couldn't play a beat, the chase started this night, it got big, cat called "where are you", i tried to hide, she wanted to give everything to shoot me, we took the subway into midtown, everybody was laid back, they were looking for me, i new i had to get out of it and tried to not see anything smell anything or think anything, i was like water but i couldn't avoid detection, they wondered " so smooth", i got biggie i got the smoovest collegue, i got bruce, i got her, and soon i would meet Her again, i was ready to get shot

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