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The Star

Day Six as it became light i noticed the change, the earth has become small and NY is the only left town, the rest has become a new dimension, it really felt good, now i know that the jews made it like that, i still needed a drink, in front of the chirch were a truck with water bottles, i wanted to work freely, i saw jesus again, he nodded, sat on a bench, saw the chase girl getting f***ed by the lunatic, keri wanted to catch me, closed my eyes and saw the rest of the world, saw cat, kissed me but my face was stone, the responsible man wanted to change my DNA, felt flowing liquid in my head, the stars shouted at me, wanted to make an end, no friends, looking for new family, new job,new star, somebody pleas drive me into hospital, make earth even smaller, peace forever, i stopped the time, there were two suns, one yellow one red, einstein shook his head and refused, i had to decide between two worlds, with my old family or with my new friends, i landed at st. vartan park, i let pass away all my chances, the DNA change begann to work, the architekt didn't want to work anymore, frequency got cold, i died, i fell on my knees and prayed for a new life, with cat, with music, i sat on a bench, "go on your cloud", now my head formed to an progressive alien head, i was fed by cat and formed the galaxy new with candies and meat, my head became more ugly and i let myself fall, i took my last chance to get to the other side, "we fuck him out", now the white star would come, i shouldn't lough, i got into an emergency truck, they poisened me with death liquid, i circulatet it out of my body like ying yang, a clock appeared, countdown, the star appeared, it was so purely white and clean, i wanted to make it big, pressure, bigger, i made a new system for cat, to live there and to be protected, the time went by, i didn't have my luggage, a cat, jet kun do, rain drops, showed him new moves, wanted to design for sean, again the clock, again the star, pressure, bigger, biggest, white whole, i couldn't make enough room, now my 3rd eye was connected to 3D, a little girl cryed, i was driven to another station, it was a high drive, i thought it was the observation centre and they would discover my star, i should see it too, i could see it inside, i felt the heat inside building up, i heard them talking behind the cameras, i went to the toilet and let myself fall several times to clear the heat, cat came and asked if i made her the star, sold the chance, the don has made a second star in yellow, i was at the station for criminals, a mason came to the room wanting to give me advice, i changed the seat several times, took his seat, then i was asked questions, they gased the room, i pushed the help button sveral times, i was smarter, NY was on fire, wanted to newark airport, no subway, poisened air, i prayed, i screamed, jumped, i was anestethized, "thank you" from the aliens, they showed me the crown chakra, illuminati supervisor, everybody is save

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