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Day Two i got it, now i realized to live my own life, no need for 11 #1 , no need for the hustle, no need for revolution, but i shouldn't be left alone, ride to 34 th, we enjoyed the view of the empire, a police helicopter made a show and manouvered closely along the crowd, my head was clear, walked along 5 th toward madison square, and wondered how it has changed since my last day, i noticed how old and stable the buildings were, headed toward south ferry, now i felt the dirty pulling of the soul matrix and i got the first call that "i should leave" , we gave the university some money, the musician played an extra song for us, friendly bus drivers, we laughed at ground zero, walked through the ring of steel, noticed the numberessles cameras and landed on brooklyn bridge, i was between america and germany, no one would remeber it in a few years, back to harlem, they felt me, "life is a bitch", but no one would shoot me, Diva wanted me to come to brooklyn, radio played "love u so much", a german girl called the radio, what a coincidence, we were recognized in the streets, "the germans"

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