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After all this adversary, during fighting against myself, because i didn't want to be ill and labeled as such, i found help in the teachings of Dr. Daniel Amen. I also found evidence that the so called illness is based on problems in the interdimensional spectrum of my personal hologram from the MCEO Freedom Teachings.

So as my life in my late adolescence was boring and i was seeking for thrill i collected attachments in my fields from extraterrestials and also other human beeings, especially from the surrounding of the local shadow government. Because they fight interdimensionally with symbols and projections i was bombarded with unpleasent images what was making my situation worse and the desire to escape even stronger. Through the Freedom Teachings i understood that i needn't be frightened because it's ok as it is anyways. I also apprehended that it is not important what i was bombarded with but my reaction to it. You have to keep a certain distance to all that is happening on the planet, which is a sensitive spot and has been the scene for templar war fare since a very long time. So i developed a certain respect for human beeings because we have been exposed to this kind of warfare ever since.

I know that i'm not the only one who is getting projections into ones view field of the third eye, it might be very comon. If i had understood this earlier i would have shown different behaviour to cope with it. It's in everyones own responability to care about his mental condition and we have a long way to go to brighten up the interdimensional realms. A big challenge (at least for me) is to control the emotional body. I don't want to let my emotions, especially anxiety and fear, dominate my habbits. this is easier said then done, because you cannot control your emotions like a dictator u have to collaborate with it. But this is the point where the supplements which Dr. Amen described in his great book "Change your Brain, Change your Life" explains are helpful, because they support the healthy body.

Also your current mental state is not you, it is just a little aspect of you. So if you are in fear and have thoughts of dying, suffering, or similar, and you notice that, then you can consciously stop the bidirectional cuircuit between body and mind and look for a better approach f.ex. hope and positive outcomes of problems. You will allways feel ether good or bad and after that bad and after that good again and so on.

So a big problem of humanity overall (as i think) is the nececity to cure the feeling bad through consuming, constantly trying to shift from uncomfortable to comfortable. This is just the unconscious ruling over your consciousnes. As i said one cannot escape this through force or ruling the body from above. It's a progress and the more good actions you will do, the better your ratio of feeling good to feeling bad will become. One good action is for example to be kind to people and showing compassion. But not just other people u have to do this to yourself first, it will alliviate the pain. Patience is one of the 12 actions of mastery of the victim victimizer game (as described in the Freedom teachings), and is also one which let's you get more space with your own problems, because you know pain will ot last forever. So why rush and create bad karma for the future? Seeing oneself as one is is the only way to get liberated. Because then you understand you don't need the newest car or any fancy product. What we need is harmony with nature and from that we can evolve and leave behind our problems.

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