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people believing in conspiracy theories are insecure and don't have anything else to believe in. They project all their fear and lack of self responsability into an image of a fictional enemy, blaming it as the reason for their self build misery. Don't think i am prejeduced, i myself was once believing in a conspiracy, looking for truth, and know that it is an understandable reaction. But nowadays i do take responsability for my own situation, and that goes back to the point of my birth. If you are in a mindset which conspiracy theories popularity depend on, you basically believe in anything that blames an "evil force" and presents a "reason" for the negativity of the world. No one can get you out of this mindset but yourself. The world is neither good or bad, it's just the way it is. And unfortionately we have to live with beeing vulnerable and insecurities. But at least one should trust in god, source, the creators or anything that let's one not fall into blame games. If you want to know what i believe in then i recommend you this book:

So as conspiracy theorists claim to know the truth, they simply want you as victim (not knowing what is real) to follow their own ideology. But what they say... this is not the truth, because the truth can not be grasped... one still can get an impression. We are creators limited to our own perception, therefor one needs to understand that the truth lies outside of perception, we are surrounded by it. This implies that we ourselves create truth, which the conspiracy theorists are all aware of. The more phantastic and threatening their stories the more people who are really really pissed of and disapointed will believe them. But why are they pissed of? Because they simply don't succed in life. And i don't blame them. We are raised by teachers who don't understand life and how to make a living by themselves. We get fed with unrelevant knowledge and trained to be "clones". This is what we should be: doing what we are told to (by bosses, media and gouvernement) and following ideals which are not developed by our own thinking. So once you understand that you can create your own believes, knowing that truth is just a personal view, you get liberated. How many times have you looked in the mirror and be content with what you see? After all acceptance is what we need to free ourselves from self doupt and criticism. We will be nicer to others when we start to beeing nice to ourselfes. Conspiracies are not nice to the elite, but you might just understand that you are part of them. And their truth is just theirs, so let's start creating another one, not based on fear but grounded on faith and love to them who will appreciate it.



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