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Alternative theory

Hello, you are going to get sucked into a black hole, but it's not that bad because until then there's going to be 2 billion years of evolution left and after all once entering a black whole you won't feel or remember anything, bacause you was fragmented to spacedust.

Hello, live is great, and there are infinite possibilities available for the future. In 2012 we ended an reuche pillar reset which ment that the old universe was transformed into an old dying Part and a new ascending part. one will end up imploding (Black Hole) and the other one will continue going on as eternal life system. It's not that bad to be in the dying Universe because it was is and will be inside of God Source and therefor holy Always.

So there's a group of fallen beeings (extrateresstrials) who tryed to continue the life span of their black hole system by conquering universal templar star gates and feed from other living matrices (like an empty Battery which needs recharge). Eart has been the stage for this drama for around 6 billion years ( if it makes sence to measure time by revoloutions of earth around the sun ). During this time earth has descended from density 4 lyra to density 3 polaris to density 2 tara to density 1 present earth. In fact it's body is inside a host Body from the andromeda Galaxy (M31) which is named Urtha. Earth is an intergalactic melting pot, an experiment for the purpose of healing fallen portions of consciosness Into realignment with Krystic principles ( The byble has not much to do with it). The Group of fallen races have interfered with earths evolution also as long as this. Last time they were physically present on eart was during the atlantian period. After the Sinking of the continent (which ancient native american tribes had legends about and referred to as turtle, because from the outer space perspective the land mass had the shape of this animal) Earth was placed under quarantine. but the ET's still use humans as contactees to comunicate with the human race by the mental and astral ( 3rd and 4th dimensional ) planes. In 2000 the fallen angels (FA's) rejected a treatment for peaceful evolution and coexistence because we entered a stellar activation cycle and they saw it as opportunity to gain acces to universal templar sites. in 2001 they used the cover story of the terrorist attack to activate their ancient atlatian pylon implant Network system (apin) of the pheonix to override the frequency which was released from the guardian side. The twin towers didn't collapse because of planes fires or boms, but because of the bundled infrasound sonic pulse which was released in mexico (parralel Eart stargate 3: chihuahua) peru (Star gate 7: Lake Titicaca) and bundled and amplified in bermuda (star gate 3 (Noah)) to then travell northwards on earths axial tonal line 5 towards manhattan. The story of the war against terrorism is an instrument (or better an institution) to detect and neutralize hostile individuals who could interfere their plans. This plan (of course) is to create a "new worl order" in which terror dominates.

OK don't be afraid, thereis and always was help from the higher realms which the FA'S war but can't acces or touch. Remember the only prpose for them is to recharge their battery. And we live in a free will universe. YOu have the power to choose and to decide your fate. the black hole fraction uses metatronic science ( Fibonacci spiral, Same spin merkaba, daisy of death " flower of Life", buckminster fullerine configurations, Gravitron and sextant schield, and so on...) to grow their hole ( ironically speaking). you should be aware which content you feed into your hologram. I will not give you any orders to what you shoul or should not do, that's not productive at all. But the information you should understand is: we live now with this enslaving money system where everybody fights for survival and achieving material things. There is absolutelly no need to. See what you are ( an angel indeed ) and feel the peace you can create by consciously directing energy.

I recommend yoga and share these 12 stretching techniques which will help you build more energy without abusing your body.

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