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Basic Understanding

The Cosmos is the wholeness of universes. Which means the cosmos inhibits multiple multiverses. Traveling between these is the cause and motivation for ascension.

The method for ascension is ether gate passage or DNA activation until de- and manifestation in different space-time locations is possible.

Your Body is built on the structure of the anatomy of the local universe. This means 15 dimensions give you 15 auric field layers.3 Dimensions make up one harmonic universe. In this your body is made up of your radial body. This radial body includes your atomic body at dimension 1, your emotional body at dimension 2 and your mental body at dimension 3.

DNA activation means you awake the possibility to integrate your dimension 4-15 consciousness into your Density 1 Body. 3 Dimensions make up a Density / Harmonic Universe.

Your body holds different amounts of frequencies from each dimension. The matter based body reflects your capacity to hold frequency. Breathing alone circulates life force ( Kundalini 1-9 Dimensional ) Energy. The Blueprint for this local Multiverse is hold in the density 4 universe. Therefore integrating density 4 frequency is a way to kRistic ascension.

The process by which you activate your density 2 body is flame body activation. It is reached by removing permanently the density lock and the lock between radial bodys of the densities. This is done by acreting special frequencies here through repeated visual and optical code induction.

Your body in density 1 has the ability to draw frequency of the higher density's though the chakra system. Each of the 15 embodied chackras is an energy vortice configuration which sends and draws energy from the corresponding auric field.

Chakra is derived from Sha Kha Ra. In simple terms it's an energy receiving and transmitting vortice set. There are 7 embodied chakras and 8 morphogenetic (above and below the body) chakras. Each Chakra corresponds to a dimension and it's frequency band and therefore has a signet color. D1 root Chakra red. D2 sacral Chakra orange. D3 solar plexus Chakra yellow. D4 heart Chakra green. D5 throat Chakra light blue. D6 3rd eye indigo blue. D7 crown Chakra violet. D8 thymus morphogenetic Chakra gold. D9 thalamus morphogenetic Chakra silver. D10 galactic morphogenetic Chakra blue black (saphir). D11 galacti morphogenetic Chakra silver black. D12 earth star morphogenetic Chakra white. D13 earth star morphogenetic Chakra pale turquoise. D14 universal morphogenetic Chakra pale yellow. D15 universal morphogenetic Chakra pale magenta pink.

Kundalini is the flow of the 1-9 dimensional life force currents. These flows regulate your body functions. Breathing alone runs Kundalini, which is why breathing exercises are used in meditation. Mastering your mind is chosing the things you do beeing fully aware about the energies needed and effects to your spiritual creation.

Your Body has 4 basic Shields which correspond to the 4 Densities of this Matrix. The one of the highest Density holds the blueprint of your 12th dimensional consciousness, the maharic shield. The dimensional parts of this are the nodes. One node equals a DNA Strand. 12 chromosome blueprints make up a node or DNA strand. 12 gene sequence blueprints equal 144 gene blueprints equal one chromosome blueprint. Since you have at least a 12 dimensional anatomy you have the blueprint for 12 DNA Strands equals 20640 genes carried in your maharic shield.

Each shield has 12 nodes each nodes 12 tangeants each tangeant 12 logi and each logi 12 atmi, in the core is the Reuche pattern which forms the nodes

this Right Image shows The reuche pattern, which is found in universal as well as empodied structure, the inner point are the harmonics which represent the resonant tones and the outer ones are the octives which represent base tones (1,4,7,10) und overtones (2,5,8,11)

The mIddle Image shows the krystal spiral expanding through the kathara grid pattern

The teliasphere which is around each living organism and the human body, each of the 5 shields (there are 2 Density 4 Shields, one above head, one below feet) create 12 telias so the sphere consist of 60 of them, the shields are the ethos maharic shield below the feet the telluric shield around the pelvis, the doradic shield around the chest the teuric shield around the head and the eiros maharic shield above it

There are 6 hara points in the body: #1 hara center located at the e-umbi 2 inches below the navel where star crystal seal of dimension 9 is situated #2 soul star @star crystal seal of dimension 6 at the top of the breast bone #3 galactic star @star crystal seal of d12 36 feet above head #4 sun star @star crystal seal of d3 just below hara center #5 earth star @star crystal seal d8 6 inches below feet where is also Chakra 12 #6 earth core @star crystal seal d10, also Chakra 13

While Dreaming the 3rd dimensional mental body projects into a space of the body's auric field. This Projection Space is connected to the body, it may either be a space more orientated to the natural Soul 2nd Density Body when the potential in the DNA to project into 5th dimensional archetypical body is released by 4th strand activation, or more orientated into a false astral body from the reversed matrices. In the false astral body which is always there, your Conciousness is used to feed energy from your organic body.

Astral Body Projection is a out of body experience with your density 2 "atomic" body. Your 4th dimesional auric field is your astral field. The "mental" body who perceives this is the angelic 6th dimensional body. Wether or not you are experiencing a projection during dream state, the density 2 body parts always exist, since time is just perceived linear by our mental body.

The manifestation transduction sequence is the order by which the three primal forces manu (void/resonant tones), mana(light/overtones), eira(sound/base tones) or simply divine spirit, male, female get into densification. The sequence is as following: 1.kathara grid 2.shields 3.krystal body 4.merkaba field 5.axiom tonal lines 6.hova bodies 7.radial bodies 8.chakras, meridian lines, radus lines 9.miodic diodic grid 10. nadus lines

The victim victimizer blame game is a subtle game of conflicts that has nine stages

The 9 stages of the victim victimizer blame game: 1 seduction, starting acquaintance where victim is the lony child, feels insecure "needs friend" and victimizer presents himself as buddy 2 developing trust Victim as false child " baby" Victimizer as "baby doll" is deferring 3 developing dependency Victim as " helpless honey" has self doupts looks for protection, clumsy Victimizer as " hero savior" false parent, executes covert control 4 generating shame, fear, overcontrol Victim is cached "off guard" getting disoriented Victimizer shows himself as benevolent judge with "false righteous stance" 5 delusion of safety, false security Victim seeks relief deepens dependency is deceited Victimizer plays" peace keeper" pretends everything is OK deceits 6 Trojan horse, covert aggression Victim is decceived to belief problem is gone and gives up protection Victimizer strengthens "helper status" in order to disarm victim 7 mirroring, flipping roles Victim is confronted with false guilt, repressed anger Victimizer plays false victim, blames victim, presents as "poor me" 8 back and forth mirroring, psychic Victim lost in guilt complex, "sin eater", "it's all my fault" Victimizer shows fake empathy, understanding that victim acts so poorly, models behavior of target, flips empathy and accusation back and forth to drive victim into dead end street 9 direct confrontation Victim looks for solution "fixer" victimizer as "bully psychopath" feels that agression is legitimate

The twelve attitudes of mastery of the victim victimized blame game: #1 love #2 grace #3 gratitude #4 reverent respect #5 responsibility #6 trust #7 accountability #8 impeccability #9 mindfulness #10 fearlessness #11 engagement detachment #12 joy

The twelf actions of mastery of the victim victimized blame game: #1 self actualisation #2 self sovereignty #3 self containment #4 self discipline #5 self love #6 spiritual integrity #7 appreciation #8 patience #9 kindness #10 conservation #11 cooperation/ diplomacy #12 sence

Ill intend is a low resonant thougthought-formht form which creates a drag field on currents and reduces them into polarity, so that one stays in victim victimizer blame games

Allah, the word for god in Islam, comes from the term ahalaah which is the outflow spark from source of partiki one, hala is the step before when partiki one goes out of manifestation into source, when the Ahalaah appears the second partiki splits through the Bada inflow to source and the Abadaah outflow from source, the first Spark is named Ahalaah the second Spark Abadaah and the third Spark Ahalá. When the third Spark completes inflow and outflow the partikE is created which forms with the three partikI the Tauren. The Tauren serves as a photo generator which creates sparks which is the basis for genisis of all life forms in this matrix. Therefor it's described as eternal life kristiac good seed. After The Tauren The Diad is Formed by Partiki Phasing. In this step there are created sic sparks which are called Budaah, Budá, Budáaah. Two Triadic Sparks (Budaah) Two Polaric Sparks (Budá) and two Eckatic Sparks (Buáaah).

To Sumarize this is the holy sacred knowledge which all earth religions refer to. Nowadays Science is creating another paradime which is based on the analises of the Visual Wolrd. Therefor it can only Explain a little portion of what really exists.

Modern technocratic explanations like the big bang theory and your finite life span were created out of the suffering under the old dogmas of an overlord who judges your actions and might condemn you into hell ( sin model for control). Mainly the technocratic theories put down the world and creation as simple combinations of chemicals and molecules. Out of this comes a feeling of a meaningless life. There are mainly two coping strategies which forms two human types: 1 the achievers and builders ( job, degree, money, family) 2 the pleasure seekers ( drugs, sex, extremes)

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