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We live in a multidimensional world and by dimension, i don’t mean height width, and length. These are just parameters for specifying a location in space. But what i mean is for example that your thoughts are a dimension by itself, they form a world beyond matter. The same goes for emotions and feelings which are not the same but are on the same dimensional level: one level below the mind and above the atomic/ physical matter. In my view, as width height and length are parameters for the dimension of space information, quality and organization are parameters for the dimension of the mind. The basic operations of thinking are information gathering, judging and classifying, structuring and organizing. Let me give an example: when starting the day you collect information about the time, the date, the weather, and so on. Based on experience you have formed methods to classify and assess the information. If it’s raining you might decide to stay inside, f.ex. The methods by which you make a decision let you organize and are part of one's organization. Which is evident when you look at the things everyone does in everyday life. It’s repeating over and over with little variation. What i want to point out is that organization is what defines what you do and therefore who you are. I didn’t say that it’s fixed, but in order to change your organization, you must develop new methods of thinking and fill your mind with different information. In my view, one of the biggest problems of humans is that their feelings and emotions define what they are thinking. People act out of fear and greed and organize their lives in order to escape negative emotions and feel positive feelings. This, by the way, is used to control and rule us. Hate is one strong emotion, which is used for polarization and power battles, between at least two different groups of people with different thoughts and attitudes. It’s used by politicians all the time. They separate people in order to gain control and power over their actions. The easiest way for them to do this is to spread fear-based on false information. On the other hand, corporations use our need for comfort to gain power over us. Just look at the advertisements on the tv or on the internet. These are designed to address our need to consume in order to feel good. So what i’m saying is that emotions and feelings are used to influence or even control our thoughts. I suggest being aware of that in everyday life and turn it around. It’s supposed that thoughts and the mind control what chemicals and hormones are created to form feelings and emotions in the body. One simple meditation practice is to sit, stay with the breath, and assess the thoughts which come into one’s mind. The world goes on because people want to improve their lives. I claim that the most effective strategy for this is to gain control over one's thoughts and one’s mind which can then be used to create better feelings.

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