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Freedom ( Theoritcal Approach)

Hi dear reader,

i want you to get to know my source of spiritual knowledge, what is more or less a believe system as well as a path towards a better attitude towards living in this world. I could go into the problems and ugly faces of this world, the planet so called earth, but i think you allready have gotten enough experience so i want to focus on the future outlook.

I came across the MCEO speaker which then went by the name Ashayana Deane on youtube by a reference link on an Alex Collier video. And since then i went deeper and deeper in this amount of work which you can label as metaphysical theory. Because this was and is interesting and it explains the structure of the cosmos in which we live. It covers a wide range of information about human biology (kathara healing), universal structure and history of this solar system. Ashayana Deane claims that in a former incarnation was Miriam as mentioned in byblical texts and that she is translating the CDT plates (Crystal Dora Teura plates) which are records of ancient wisdom recorded by the Priesthood of Mu ( there was a continent of Mu also known of Lemuria (which fell during the end of the Atlantian Period). She published two books which you find on amazon when you type in here name.

So what is the purpose of this? We are living in a drama which not only affects the planet earth. We live in a matrix which is going to fall and therefor is to be evacuated until 3333 AD. Ashayana held workshops in which she presented the work and knowledge she received by interdimensional communication. If you doupt that then i even more invite you to study this work because it explains interdimensional phenomena in detail. For easier approach let's assume that you consist of your body your mind and your spirit ( which are related and influencing each other) . If you are interested in your anatomy then kathara healing is what will give you answers. Right now there is a choice to be made. Do you want to live in freedom ( in future incarnations) or do you want to continue the path of self destruction which this planet was captured in and live in a black hole imploding system? I now you want freedom... so what is this about? Well all i want you to understand that i myself have got experience in the dreamstate and during sensations in my body after doing meditation techniques which was evidence for me that this is real and it works. Furthermore you can get so much valuable wisdom from this that will lead to a satisfying meaningful life. Let me say that we live in a matrix based on the number twelf. We had twelve planets in the solar system, twelve dimensions and a set of twelve stargates. Part of the freedom teachings are templar mechanics which is knowledge which in former times onyl the highest priests had acces to, because this is a way of achieving self determaned creation and moving your body through stargates for interdimensional interplanetary travel. The last major impact this wisdom had was during the foundation of christianity: jesus (jeshua 12) was an incarnating avatar from sirius who was her to implement veca codes into the planetary shield and was a teacher of the CDT plate teachings. We now are on a mission of fail safe because we have acces to a hostmatrix in which we can continue our path of evolution in a peaceful way. This means that once you make the choice you will continue living ( in the next your the one after the next incarnation) in the andromeda galaxy ( our neighbouring galaxy which doesn't have an artificial black hole at it's center). I will create a teaching serious about this body of work in the future and invite you to join my voyage. Meanwhile stay curious and cautious.



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