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Aktualisiert: 18. Juni 2022

Many are insecure, because deep inside we know what we are born in, a prison camp, and also why we are here: to set it free

Even if you feel lonely and separated you are not, simply because millions of people feel the same way

Negative thoughts ride in on waves from the hybernation zones and direct the emotional body and bio chemicals - if one chooses to change a thought into more positive with as much energy as one did pulling in the negative, one will progressively shift one's bio chemicals

Fear of death is the root of all anxiety

The fundametal question is: what should one do? 1. one should accept one can't do anything (about the end) 2. one should act with respect and responsibility towards and for the life (left) on this planet

Adopting a light love and clueless "it's all love" attitude is like trying to get a sun taint in the rain

By breathing alone, codes carried by the DNA are released into the planetary grids... humans were intended to serve as the guardians of this planet and the life - animals as well as plants- on it

The mentality of mass population, constantly trying to move from discomfort to comfort is a trap, only when leaving the comfort zone growth can happen

It's scientifically proven that the human brain waves will go into co-resonant state with a stronger external electromagnetic wave, that means brain waves tend to shift frequency to get into alignment or resonance with external radiation. Thus chaotic EMF's from the surrounding have negative effects on the brain. This is proven f.ex. by higher brain cancer causes in people living near train tracks.

The brain regulates body functions in order to maintain homeostasis, this is to establish an equilibrium state between pain and pleasure. Simply put pain and pleasure are the two sides of a scale, which means too much pleasure results in equal amount of pain or more specific: every prolonged or repeated departure from neutrality has a cost, an after reaction that is opposite in value to the initial stimulus. The real problem of the pleasure pursuit is that it leads to anhedonia (inability to enjoy pleasure of any kind), because the repeated seeking of pleasure increases the threshold for experiencing pleasure, the body develops a tolerance. We need to resist our drive to maintain a good feeling for its own sake

The essence of achieving self-discipline is learning to stay. Not chasing after things, one feels obligated to or any distraction. Learning to stay is the way to develop a calm and peaceful aura. By accepting the world goes on without the self one can release the fear of missing something. Of course, distraction is very easy and deceiving, but the problem is the uncomfortable feeling one has without it. That's why learning to stay is difficult and can be painful. Especially if one has no inner peace with oneself (and with the world), because then we look for substitutions in the form of f.ex. food, attention, and love. I don't condemn these things, but they should be sought after for another purpose: giving instead of receiving. Because of low self-confidence and little self-discipline, we look for getting a rush/ kick/high which is short-lived and soon we are in the same spot until we learn to stay. That is the way to fix traumas as well as anxiety and it is especially hard in the common mindset that everything has to change, thus constantly optimizing profits and resources. Learning to stay is a sophisticated approach to conserving one's own energy. Because if we don't participate in extreme highs, we won't experience extreme lows.

We, in the west, have forgotten to be happy without comfort and therefore need to re-evolve.

The one thing that remains unchanged is: we constantly want change and strive for it if we could change that, we could make a change, namely we would simply stay.

I myself landed in hospital, because I was trapped in the “pursuit of pleasure” game. To stabilize my neurotransmitters I was prescribed psychiatric drugs. Psychiatric drugs are prescribed more often and in larger amounts to poor people, which is why psychotropic medication is a means of social control especially of the poor.

Maybe we can improve with getting a bigger perspective.

Your 12th-dimensional anatomy implies that there are 3 times 12x12 equals 1728 simultaneous incarnations in different space-time locations in this universal matrix, belonging to one avatar in 4th density.

This milkyway galaxy and the m31 andromeda galaxy were once one galaxy and where seperated 700 mio years ago, the Andromeda part was pulled into a host, because the hole 15th dimensional system , represented by the original galaxy continued to "have problems"

The sun everyday sends trions (electric currents) from West pole and meajhons (magnetic currents) from east pole which earth receives at it's West and east poles, and sends them through the north & south pole into Earth's core where they're joined to form reions. At night times it's easier to receive frequencies from different levels of the universe because the magnetosphere forms the magnetotail as result of the magnetic field beeing deformed form the suns electromagnetic emissions.

By the way if you still wonder, the planes which hit the twin towers on 911 where holograms, the towers collapsed by infrasound pulses not by explosions

Being suspicious about the powers that be nowadays, makes you a suspect, naturally

The Anunnaki took our vision from us, by blocking the pineal gland in the DNA and use us to manifest their own vision, through false mystic stories, manipulation of religion, media programming, and the false inner vision projection broadcast

Still, we have tremendous power to manifest, the first step is to feel (in the emotional body) as if the situation you want to create is already in place or you already have what you desire

Why you make money? One reason: To have less problems. But obviously how to make money is the biggest problem, only if money is no issue for the mind anymore, wealth can be established

The money system was inherited from races of the solar planets original 12th planet nibiru. It started with gold coins which were given out for every human newborn. The gold coins where used to collect mana energy from the child’s chest, this is where gold got its value from, the et’s from nibiru used gold to maintain their bodies to be immortal, Mana is/was used as lifeforce for procrastinating the natural death transition.

Another Approach to wealth may be:

Time is a much more limited resource than money, yet we let it be stolen from us so freely.

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