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Structure of Time

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In the manifested body of God Source, there are four domains:

Core domain : 1/3 quantum manifested 2/3 quantum in spirit

Inner domain: ½ quantum manifested ,½ spirit quantum in spirit

Middle domain: 2/3 quantum manifested 1/3 quantum in spirit

Outer domain: 3/3 quantum manifested 0/3 quantum in spirit

We are in one veca of an eckasha out of 16 in the outer domain. The Veca is a 12th dimensional time matrix with 4 harmonic universes where we are in density 1 the lowest harmoic universe. This ist he shape of the outer domain, our veco local universe indicated red:

Seen on the map oft he outer domain the middle domain Hubs layer on top oft he structure of the „universes“ The hubs interface through certain nodes / points of the outer domain frame structure based on kathara grids. The hubs are also structured in a pattern of kathara grids, but in other geometry:

The names oft he four domains are

1 „Yamu“ Etonic Domain

2 „Comu“ Adonic Domain

3 „Camu“ Edonic Domain

4 „Shamu“ Radionic Domain

These Four Domains represent the EckashE Expansion Time Cycles Each domain cycles names are

• RhaLA Eugah

• AahLA Eugah

• ShaLA Eugah

• KaLA Eugah

As there are Expansion Time Cycles one the one hand there are contraction Cyles on the other hand which are the AdashE Cyles which follow after completion of the expansion cycles. together they form the sequence:

• Star seed

• Star born

• Star flame

• Star burst

• Star fire

• Star light

• Star shine

Each body of a planet, star galaxy … goes through these cycles. At the End of the 4th cycle there are different possibilities

Ether the „body“ makes a shift and can enter the adashi cycles or the body can’t make a shift and the spirit has to seperate and leave the body behind giving the options

KalE Krysta : Path of ascension, where body and spirit continue to return to source fully ascended as unit with full memory and integrity

KalE Rama : Path of step back, where body hast o be left behind (bardow) and spirit will go back to middle domain from which it will rebirth a new body in the outer domain with the remaining quantum

KalE DEma : Path of fall, where body continues to be born again and again until the quantum is no longer enough to sustain a new body which leads to inmplosion/ explosion, space dust return

Time Cycles for Galaxies, Solar Systems, Planets, go hand in hand like a clockwork. For example is one Planetary Time Cycle of Earth 26565 years. At the End of this normally is a Star Gate Opening /Stellar Activation Cyle. The Time Cycles are indicating rotations in a circle:

1,25° = 1 Continium = 6 time vectors

7,5° = Euiago = 6 Continiums = 36 time vectors (26565 years in the case of Earth)

45° = Eyugah = 6 Euiago = 36 Continiums = 216 time vectors

180° = Euardo / EyAdo = 24 Eyugah = 144 Continiums = 864 time vectors

360° = Eyana = Euardo + EyAna = 48 Eyugah = 288 Continiums = 1728 time vectors

In case of a Solar System in one Solar Eyana each planet fullfills 12 planetary Eyana.

As mentioned we are in a Veca System (local universe) which Eyana intersects into:

1 Monadic Veca Eyana = 12 Universal Eyana = 144 Metagalactic Eyana =1728 Galactic Eyana=20735 Solar Eyana = 248832 Planetary Eyana (12x12x12x12x12)

As you can see 1 full rotation of our Veca means (1 monadic Veca Eyana): 26565x6x48x248832 years (Earth rotations around the sun)

To put this into context it takes 4 Eyugah (RhalA, AahLA, ShaLA, KaLA) to fullfill the Eckashi expansion cycles. After these a system in the outer domain will ether go into the Adashi return Cyles or make a step back, Rebirth from the domain before.

As we now we are in a System / Veca consisting of 4 Densities. Fullfilling of one Eyugah and a shift of 45° would mean a system taking a leap into the next density above. Each Density is associated with one domain in the order Density 1 - outer domain to Density 4 – core domain. This doesn`t mean that density 4 is the core domain, but that it has interfaces o the Hub structure oft he core domain.

So as you can see creation goes outward from source and then back to source in circles. After completion oft he last Adashi Cycle a System or Planet will come out from Source as it was before and at the same time a replication (new system/ double) which starts with its first exckashi cycle in the core domain is born. The original system after the completion oft he adashi cycles is then in the state of „Su Nu ah Kae“ as fully krysted ascended beeing „fully engaged with non attachement“.

It’s been told that we are at the end oft he KaLA Eyugah for the solar system as well as the universal Veca. That is why Religions and Ancient Cultures have referred tot he end times. But it’s not really the end it’s just the point of decision which path will be taken.

As result of completion of a Eyugah of one domain the basis oft he body oft he next domain out is created with the seed atom. This process can be divided in 5 cyles:

• Light Born Cycle – Creation of the Tauren (Photo Generator /Phasing unit)

• Star Born Cycle – Birth of Rusetta & Seed Atom (1 Takyon Cyle)

• Life Born Cycle – Birth of PartikE Dark Matter Template (Rasha Body)

• God Born Cyle – Birth of EUkatharista outer body ( Light Body)

• Kryst born Cycle – Birth of body of Kryst ( Reisha Body)

These happen for each domain in one Eyugah and include 6 Takyon Cycles + 1 ReushaA Cycle # 1 flame Cycle. After completing these the seed atom fort he next domain out is born. These are called:

Yunasai Seed Atom for inner domain

Umshaddi Seed Atom for middle domain

YunAsa Seed Atom for outer domain

YunAsa in the human body is located in the Azurah Point, between the lungs in the middle oft he chest bone, near chakra 4. The Umshaddi is located near the sexual organs in the tail bone, near Chakra 1

A Takyon Cycle can be intersected in 8 phases, that means as seen as a circle, a cycle, full rotation, can be intersected through 8 axes.

In one Takyon cycle the expansion of the triad into the seed atom takes place, the expansion and size proportiona are based on the crystal spiral. This ist he shape and mathematical formular of the krystal spiral:

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